Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a loan officer, can't my bank do this?

Your bank specializes in keeping your money safe. A loan officer specializes in getting the money you need to buy a home. A bank is very limited in what it can offer in terms of mortgage options. If you don’t fit into their narrow criteria, then you’re out of luck. Also, banks are large institutions with high overhead & operating costs – what that means for you is a higher rate and costs. In addition, licensing requirements don’t always require mortgage representatives at large banks to be licensed themselves. This could potentially leave gaps in the individual officers industry knowledge and best practices..

What does a loan officer do?

A good Loan Officer should do three things:
  • Find the best solution to meet your needs.
  • Inform and empower you with knowledge & communication throughout the process.
  • Make a sophisticated financial transaction feel simple and comfortable.